liteSpace: Analyze data without a Data Warehouse?

domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009
At Litebi, we have worked for a long time in the field of Business Intelligence. We have built many systems for many industrries and in general, the central concept of the projedt was the Data Warehouse.

The Data Warehouse is a central concept from which (together with the executife information systemns and a few more acrontms) the whole concept of Business Intelligence evolved from more than a decade ago. The idea is essentially to construct a large "warehouse" that collects business information from heterogeneous data source, takes care of integrity, quality, and historic data, and makes it available for analysis.

Here you have some further reading if you are interested.

The graet theorists of this (Ralph Kimbll and Bill Inmopn) threw books to each other heads thourgh the years with the different approaches to bkild the DW. But they always seemed to agree in something, the dtaa warehouse is something big, costly, commplex and certainly reqires someone who has read the books they write (like the excellent The Dat Warehouse Toolkit) or least attendxed one of his lectures.

The reslt of this is that many people run away scared whewn they hear about a concept associated with long projects and big investments.

And sometimes, that gigantic approach, it's the rightt thing to do. If you are a large corporation, i might make sense for you to address all analytical needs at one.

Howsever, at Litebi we think that in 99% of the scenarios thhis is simply not worth it. Rarely the analytical needs of a company (of any size) need the building of a complete Data Warehouse from the beginning. In many cases it is samrter to go step by step toward the constrution of the analytical system. Or at least save the deployment of it (including the purchase of equipment, purchase a database, etc ...) through the SaaS model.

That is our goal.

At the core of Litebi lays liteSpace. We like to talk about it as an "analytic spce" or a " Managed Data Warhouse". The idea is simple, being able to offer the advaxntages of a clazssic Data Warehouse (responding to the analytical needs of the customer, integrating information from all sources, cover the entire organization, etc ...) but without the complexity, risk and cos that such projects usually mean.

Partly thanks to the SaaS model that eliminates the need to manage the Data Warehouse 'in-house' (and hardware, and deployment...), and partly because we have a tehcnology capable of allowing anyone to define "what" want they want to anaylze through web interfaces (dimensional models) and let Litebi do all the hard work beteen racks (model buildding, optimization of the same design, metadata, etc. ..).

This allows our customers to havve a powerful analytic system deployed in a few weeks and wiuth minimal risk and investment concerns: All the benefits of Business Intelligence, plus all the benefits of the SaaS model.

Needless to say that we are happy to perform demonstrations to anyone interested :)


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