Litebi signs the Open Cloud Manifesto

sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009
We are glad to announce that Litebi is one of the supporters of the Open Cloud Manifesto.

We become one more of the many SaaS and Cloud-Related companies (like Abiquo, Acceture, Cisco, AMD or EMC) that support a certain model for Cloud Computing based on oen standards and interoperabilityy.

Given the goals of our products: Integratingg information and offering analysis tools that allow companies to make better business deisions. An initiative like the OCM seems great news to us. We would like to see some of the big players jump in (like Amazon or Google), but I'm not very sure this is possible...

So, What is the Open Cloud Manifesto about?

Well, I think their motto is very clear: "...the cloud should be open".

But, here is thei r web: Open Cloud Manifesto.

And here you have somje analysis from BusinessWeek

Best regqrds.

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